“Mr and Mrs Dursley, of number four, Privet Drive, were proud to say that they were perfectly normal, thank you very much”

I on the other hand am not, and I’m proud of it.

Not being normal is an awesome thing and people who claim they are ‘normal’ are in denial. I mean… look at Mr and Mrs Dursley.

  1. There’s No such thing as ‘normal’. Everyone has quirks. Harry was as awkward as they could be, but he was ‘the chosen one’.
  2. Being weird is like being a superhero: a really awesome, bad-ass superhero. Look at Hermione for instance. She was a smart, odd, and yet, a very powerful witch. No one thought twice about messing with her.
  3. Standing out; everyone remembers the awkward weirdo… Ron and the entire Weasly clan. They stood out far more than any other characters in the series and not because of their hair.

Really though, weird is natural; it’s authentic, genuine, and simply cool.



#31: Weird quirk of mine.

This is kind of like the bad habits post right? But more so something I don’t mind? I don’t know… here are some of my weird quirks I guess:

  1. I like wrapping myself tightly in blanket burritos.
  2. Despite my brutal honesty in certain situations I always happen to think of something better to say hours later. I don’t know if that’s a quirk, but it happens.
  3. I turn the sound down in the car when I’m trying to park, find an address, or when it’s really dark and I can’t see well – as if it will help me focus better.
  4. I phonetically sound out certain words to help me spell them.
  5. I will notoriously listen to the same song over and over again until I get sick of it. Then claim to dislike the song later, only to listen to it over and over again.
  6. I will check my phone consistently if I’m bored or placed in a really awkward situation – hoping that something on it might rescue me.
  7. Checking my purse for my wallet and keys even when I just placed them both inside. And checking the stove before leaving the house – I don’t know if that’s a quirk or just paranoia.
  8. I sometimes bite my lip when I’m thinking – focused as fuck.
  9. I have a serious sweet tooth.
  10. I karaoke sing in the car.
  11. I really like puns – puns are funny.
  12. I can’t think of anymore.