Blogging Day 2

Twenty Facts about Me – Why is this so difficult?

  1. I am an only child – and no I’m not a spoiled brat, just a determined queen.
  2. I speak three languages fluently – English, French and Arabic.
  3. Meeting new people is something I look forward to doing.- I’m a social person.
  4. I am Canadian!
  5. Lebanese-Canadian.
  6. I like makeup – lots of makeup.
  7. I am a feminist – no I don’t hate men, and no I’m not a lesbian either.
  8. How do you put coffee in an IV bag? – or how about wine?
  9.  I might be a little sarcastic.
  10.  I love writing – obviously.
  11. Ironically, I’m shy about sharing my work.
  12.  I’m in a love-hate relationship with my internet.
  13. I love the outdoors – in the summer.
  14. I’m a closet nerd – I haven’t fully embraced it yet, but I’m working on it.
  15. Did I mention that I hate having to come up with twenty facts about myself for this thing? – who doesn’t?
  16. I’m working towards getting my PhD.
  17. My dream job is to be a professor at a college/university.
  18. I enjoy all things art.
  19. I’m easily distracted by things that sparkle or things that are out of the ordinary.
  20. My friend helped me come up with most of these things.

I’d like to get to know you better too. Tell me a random fact about yourself!