A little of Everything

#26: Five favorite blogs  sites I like enough to frequent.

I know that the challenge is choosing five of your favorite blogs but, I don’t really follow enough blogs to have favorites. So here are five websites that I kind of like.

Everyday Feminism

  • I particularly like this feminist magazine mostly because the writers are fun, creative, and sometimes sarcastic people. They explain basic and complex theories, ideas, and norms in accessible and open language.

Bored Panda

  • You all know how much I like lists. Well this place is full of them. Funny, random, quizzical and an all around source for feeding into my procrastination habits.


  • This place has helped me get started into making more art. I look here for inspiration, writing prompts, how-to stuff, organizing ideas, DIYs and just about anything and everything creative.


  • Shamelessly addicted. I post what I want when I want without repercussions of being judged by people I know.

Awkward Yeti

  • This artist uses anatomy of the body to describe daily situations in which we have all found ourselves. My favorite is: Heart and Brain.





Day 12

There is a lot I would do if I won the lottery. Here is a list of stuff I would do:

  1. I would pay off all of my student loans. Kind of sad right?
  2. I would travel to all the places I’ve always wanted to visit (Like Greece, Spain, Paris, London, Turkey…etc).
  3. Donate to charity obviously.
  4. Buy a house – with a pool – by the beach.
  5.  And invest the fuck out of it.
    … I thought this list would be longer.

What would you do?




Ink Me

Day 9:Piercings and Tattoos?

I currently have my top left cartilage and  ears pierced once. Oddly, people are often surprised when I tell them I want to get my tongue and eyebrow pierced. I don’t understand why though, people do it all the time. I’ve contemplated these for a while now and I think when the time comes, I’ll finally stop chickening out and do it.

As for tattoos, I have none. But, I’m an email back from a tattoo parlor away from booking the appointment. Like many places, they’re busy. I’ve decided on a small, wispy, quill tattoo dipped in ink, spattered with color.

As someone who likes to draw, paint and write, I feel like this is appropriate. Needless to say, it has meaning.


Look at this photograph

Day 8: An old photo of me.

There’s something about searching through old photographs that bring me a lot of memories. For me, photographs are like books. You collect them over the years, capture memories and beautiful moments and the hardest thing becomes letting go.

Do you keep the ones of people you don’t talk to anymore? What about people you hate? What about those awful ones your parent/sibling/whoever took of you when you looked like a zombie or monster? What about….(shall I go on?)

I had a hard time choosing just one and I might make a later post with some of my favorites, but for now, I’m choosing to share the one that in some ways still defines me today (my feature photo if you’re wondering).


Most things/people are bigger, taller and take up more space than I do.

I still like Legos – I basically play the online kind.

(They can also be my building blocks to success – never linear and always a work in progress)

Though I was probably forced to wear that skirt, I don’t mind them now that I am older.

Who doesn’t want a giant stuffed animal?

And for an added bonus, here’s a closeup of my cuteness.


What I like about Me

Day 6:  3 Personality Traits I am Proud Of.

It didn’t take me very long to think of these. I knew exactly what I liked about myself and what I wanted to talk about the minute I saw the blog prompt.

I am proud of who I am and what I have become in many ways, these are just a few.


  • Ever since I began university, I knew that I wanted to be a doctor. At first, I was set on going to medical school. But, science and math were not my strongest of subjects. That didn’t deter me from achieving my dreams though. I took a bunch of arts and social science courses and that was found my calling in English and Feminist studies.I realized I wanted to teach at a college or university level. I could still be a doctor, just not the medical kind. Between the long hours at work, the time spent in class, staying up to odd hours in the night, waking up early, breaking down crying once or twice a week for various reasons… Needless to say, I worked my ass off throughout my undergrad and now in my master’s program to be where I am today. I have applied to various schools and am an acceptance letter away from that ‘Dr.’ prefix. I’m ambitious because I work hard, dream big and aim to succeed.


  • Sometimes I think I care too much. Way more than I should anyway. No, I don’t care about what people think of me, I care about other people. I’ve always been a sensitive person growing up, I still am in many ways… just not as much as I used to be. Adulting gives you thicker skin I guess. Anyways, ever since I declared myself to be a feminist I’ve noticed that I have become more and more aware and understanding of the feelings of another. I sympathize with their pain and try to be as compassionate as possible.


  • Do I really need to describe this? Seriously?

31 Days of Blogging

I’ve introduced what my blog will mostly be about before. But I hadn’t really thought about how I was going to introduce myself, my ‘real’ self – whoever that might be. I’ve been told that I’m smart and sarcastic and sometimes funny. So I figured why not just share all that with the poor soul that happens to stumble across my blog?

I’ve been thinking about blogging for years, but I never really thought about whether or not my voice would be heard or whether I’d be able to write the way I speak. Usually I’m an outspoken person. I say things how they are and refuse to take crap from anyone. Part of it is because I’ve come to terms with the fact that silence gets me no where. This says a lot about how much I have blossomed from that shy angsty teen to that loud bitch that I am today.

I’m a twenty-something year old student and I often go by the nickname Bee. In short I’m a book hoarder, nature lover, food connoisseur, occasional health and fitness nut, wine enthusiast, feminist and bad-ass in training. Don’t like me? Then hit alt+f4.

I’m here to share my laughter, joy, tears and the part of me that wants to hide while other parts want to scream. I’m here because I want to be here; I want to be heard. I want you to see me for me.

PS: If you follow me, you might get lost.