Annoying Content Ahead

#23: Pet Peeves.

Some people find these more disturbing than others.
Others have way more patience than I do.

  1. Loud Chewing or people chewing with their mouths open (this makes sitting across from you very unappetizing).
  2. People who scuff their feet when they walk, especially if they’re wearing flip flops or clunky shoes (I’ve resisted the urge to call them out).
  3. People who don’t cover their mouths when they sneeze or cough.
  4. Line cutters (There are social rules in place for people like this and don’t you think that I’m not going to call you out on this shit).
  5. When you let a car merge in front of you and they don’t give the appropriate thank you wave.
  6. People who claim that they don’t see race (Like wake the fuck up already, you’re only saying this because you don’t want to be racist but by saying it you’re erasing someones identity).
  7. People who talk over me or about me as if I’m not standing right there.
  8. When people spend more time on their phone at dinner or lunch or while hanging out than they do with you. This really pisses me off, especially when you and I have made plans to spend some time together (seriously, put the mother fucking phone down and talk to me – don’t make me take you phone and put it in my bra like I did the last time. I know you won’t go there.).
  9. Arrogant people (don’t let it go to your head).
  10. Backseat drivers (I get that sometimes you need to give me directions but please don’t tell me how to drive).

What are your pet peeves?




#22: Ten favorite songs.

My taste in what I deem as good or bad music has changed drastically over the years.

I went through an angst-y hard rock and death-metal phase when I was in middle school which coincidentally changed into hip hop, R n’ B and rap over the course of high school (then again so did my group of friends – so they may have been a factor into that change).

I often use music as a: getaway, mood changer, confidence booster, workout enhancer,  shower karaoke, and party starter. As of late, I will listen to just about anything and I mean anything.

That said, my choice of music also changes often enough for me to have a new favorite song every day. The following are not my favorite (because I don’t have any absolute favorites), but they are currently the most played songs on my playlist.

  1. Joseph Attieh – Helwa
  2. Adele – Hello
  3. Jon Bellion – Woke the Fuck Up.
  4. Nick Jonas ft. Tove Lo – Closer
  5. Chainsmokers – Closer
  6. Myriam Fares – Chouf Halak Alayi 
  7. Ed Sheeran – Shape of You
  8. Kygo & Selena Gomez – It Ain’t Me
  9. Disclosure ft. Lorde – Magnets 
  10. Tove Lo – Talking Body


What are your favorite songs?

Miss(ing) [You]

#21: Something I miss

I have all the feels about his particular post.

Two years ago (2015) I spent most of my summer in Lebanon visiting family and friends. It still makes me smile when I mention my visit to anyone. I consider it to be the trip of a life time and I can’t wait to go back.

One of my fondest memories from my visit is the time when my cousins and I drove across the country to walk through the Cedars of Lebanon.

As I close my eyes, I can feel the cool, crisp air. The memory of climbing over large rocks and tree roots as I walk down the winding path, brings me joy. The patches of  sun beating down on my shoulders and the warmth it brings my body is exhilarating. I can reach out and touch the leaves between my fingers; their texture is soft yet rough. I am at ease with the people I am with.

I miss:

Family and friends.
The late nights sharing drinks and anecdotes.
The hot days of Beirut.
The family lunches and dinners.
Being called ‘my cousin from Canada’.
Hiking in the mountains.
Swimming in the ocean.
Driving down winding roads to new adventures.
Being teased about my Arabic pronunciation.
Teasing them about their English.
Playing bubble soccer.
Sitting on the beach.
The promises made and kept.
Bar hoping and day drinking.
Dancing in the car.
The shenanigans, pranks, and silly stunts.
The paparazzi.
The way my aunt and mom used to dance when they were happy.
My uncle’s dad jokes.
‘Kiss me again’ as a recurring curse.
… so, so much more.

But mostly, I miss the experience, and the cherished the memories. 






#19: Worst Habits (in no particular order)

We all have ’em right?

  1. This is in list form because I’m lazy (so I guess that’s habit number one).
  2. I run on ‘Arab time’ (If you’re unfamiliar, it means I’m often but not always late).
  3. I never get enough sleep (or rather, it’s rare when I do).
  4. I spend way too much time looking at a screen (I’m surprised I don’t need glasses).
  5. Poor as fuck posture (I sit on my ass all day 8hunched over my laptop).
  6. I don’t workout as much as I would like to.
  7. I don’t deal well with stress.
  8. I drink too much caffeinated stuff in general (if that’s a thing) – coffee and tea mostly.
  9. I have a tendency to skip breakfast.
  10. Emotional Eating (boredom).
  12. I get distracted easily (by the internet) and end up wasting time rather than getting things I need to get done, done (like posting this for example instead of working on my Research Project).
  13. I’m terrible at removing distractions/time-wasters.
  14. Not having a work routine.
  15. I’m overloaded with opinions/information (so I tend to lose track of ideas quickly).
  16. I’m indecisive.
  17. I ‘wait’  for the ‘right’ time to work (Inspiration or whatever).
  18. Online shopping (need I say more?).
  19. When I’m nervous I twirl/pull my hair, pick at my skin, or fidget with whatever item I am holding.
  20. I tend to unintentionally space out sometimes.
  21. Swearing in public (but who doesn’t these days?).
  22. Daydreaming.

What are some of your worst habits?


#18 What am I afraid of?

I tend to take my time when it comes to answering questions like these.

In a few words, I find questions about love, fear, death and life quite difficult to answer.

Death has always been difficult for me. I’ve a few  people I’ve loved over the years but I was always too young to understand what it really meant. I’ve never been properly equipped to deal with it. Nor do I think I’m capable of dealing with it now.

When someone I know has a family member or friend that passed away, I do this thing where I try not to let it get to me. I feel like this blob who’s just there to offer a hug and my condolences without really understanding what the death of this person means to them. I tell them that they are in a better place, that they’re happier in heaven, that I’ll say a prayer for them that… I understand how they must feel.

But I don’t.


I’m not afraid to die.
I’m afraid to love.

I’m afraid to lose someone I love.



Book Hoarder

#17: Favorite Childhood Book

I didn’t get into reading until later into my childhood. I was more interested in playing outside than anything else at the time. I was around the age of eleven when I picked up my love of books. The first novel I ever read that wasn’t read to me was Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

I was instantly drawn in. Harry was eleven in the first of book series – the same age I was when I started reading. This fact made it all the better. I felt easily connected with the characters and fell in love with each and every one of them. Frankly, I still love the series.

I read each book carefully, some of them were in the span of 24 hours. Yes, I really got into it. Frankly, I still call myself as a Ravenclaw among other Potterheads. This series opened the door to many more series and other books along the way.

I’m a class-A book hoarder and I just can’t stop.






#16 Dream Job

Sometimes, things in life are simple; other things in life require a lot more work. Growing up, I thought I knew what I wanted to be: a doctor. I wanted to be a psychiatrist to be exact. This meant years of school, learning medicine and and doing god knows how many  years of clinical work. Boring right? I didn’t think so at the time. Once I entered university, psychology, sociology and the like were my top pick for classes. Then science happened.

After discovering that psychiatry may not be for me, I opted for the idea of being a therapist. I ended up changing my mind again, so I decided that maybe I could do a degree in Sociology instead or English.  I hated sociology but loved English. Besides, it was around this time that I had taken my first Women’s and Gender Studies course and knew that I found my calling.

Over the course of my undergrad I had had some pretty wonderful instructors and some… not so wonderful.

Plan B

I want to teach.

I’ve always been interested in teaching and learning and the idea of learning through teaching. I was grateful for the experience I received in my Masters program. I was given the opportunity to be a teaching assistant which allowed me to lead a discussion group twice week for an hour.

Being up there at the front of the room with twenty faces starring back at you was intimidating at first, but I grew to love it. I grew to love the excitement, energy, enthusiasm and ambition from the students who sat in my room. I grew to love the sharing of knowledges, whether these knowledges come from personal or academic experiences. I grew to love my own enthusiasm for being there, helping them and answering every tiny yet banal question asked.

Dream job?

Creating a safe environment where teaching and learning are one and the same.

What’s your dream job?