Dear Stranger on the Bus,

You’re fucking creeping me out. Stop staring at me like you’re undressing me with your eyes. It’s weird and frankly uncalled for. And most importantly, you’re making me very uncomfortable. You may think it to be a compliment, but really it’s not.

There are countless other things on this bus for you to stare at or out of. Like the window for example (and watch the city lights go by). Or maybe at the phone you are speaking on making weird ‘mmm’ sounds. But I guess that is too much to ask right?

I guess appreciating the way someone looks is one thing but overly ogling for long periods of time is not. I glared at you did I not? Is my resting bitch face that appealing? Do I need to tell you to stop fucking staring? Would that make you uncomfortable?

If it does then you get it, you understand! Good fucking job! You wouldn’t like getting singled out in a crowd would you? It’s not very nice is it?



Gaming is Awesome

Ten Reasons Why You Should Start Playing Video Games

  1. It’s therapeutic. You get to let your frustrations and anger out at in-game issues.
  2. It’s okay to shoot things in the face online, but not in real-life.
  3. Gaming is like escaping into a new world.
  4. It’s an inclusive space. Whether you like first-person shooter, adventure, builder, or choose your own path games, there’s something for everyone.
  5. It’s a hobby and sometimes people do it for a living.
  6. You get to hang out with friends while playing – and you also get to meet some pretty cool people in-game.
  7. The graphics are beautiful and depending on the game, accurately represent real-life.
  8. You can explore themes, ideas, sexualities, situations, and consequences in a safe and controlled environment.
  9. Some of the soundtracks are AMAZING!
  10. Games are a wonderful tool for learning. It can honestly teach you real world skills like map reading, problem solving, hand-eye coordination, etc…

Top Ten Things I’m Thankful For

I’ve been in a really ‘blah’ mood today and instead of writing something geared towards how I’m feeling I wanted to write about things I’m grateful for.

  1. Waking up to a brand new day.
  2. Having a car that gets me from point A to point B easily.
  3. Drinking tea, because it is soothing for the soul.
  4. Having food on the table.
  5. Having a job, even if I don’t want to be there half the time.
  6. Mom’s cooking.
  7. Having the access to internet.
  8. Running water.
  9. Owning skin care and makeup products (because sometimes looking good and having good skin days makes be feel really good).
  10. Having family and friends that genuinely care about how I’m feeling/doing.


Dear Fifth Grade Teacher,

You should have lost your licence to teach years before I entered your classroom – bitter old witch. I hated you, I hated going to school because of you. You clearly had no interest in teaching young children so why did you even bother? Oh wait… you had your favorites. Those who weren’t one of them, like me for instance knew who you liked best.

You liked the kids who had a strong sense of self, who were outspoken, who participated often and ignored those who lacked the confidence they needed. I never understood why you were the way you were. You helped and encouraged them and ignored or belittled so many others.

So much so that you yelled and screamed about stuff that wasn’t even our (my) fault. You wondered why you had so many complaints from parents and students. You had troubles in your life and you let it out on your students. That’s wrong on so many levels. I don’t think you ever understood that – even after you got fired for being such a horrible human.

I don’t know where you are today, what you’re doing, or even if you’re still alive. There’s something I’d like you to know. You made me cry, you forced me into extremely uncomfortable situations by singling me out, you pushed me down instead of helping me up, and worst of all you unconsciously tried to destroy any sense of self I had when I was in your class – and you tried to play the innocent card.

I wish I could face you and tell you all of this right to your face. Just to see your reaction. I wish you could see me now though. I wish you could see me flourish in ways that you couldn’t possibly imagine. I wish you could see that quiet girl (me) break down every mean, backhanded comment you have ever made about me. I wish you could see the confident, intellectual, bad-ass that I have become.

I’m all Grown Up

Mum’s the word

These are things I wish I could to each of you, but can’t.

  1. You’ve made me smile each and every time you’ve called me ‘beautiful’.
  2. Is that one Katy Perry song about you? One minute you’re flirty, the next you’re closed off.
  3. I really wish things had gone a different way between us.
  4. What is your problem? What crawled and died up your ass?
  5. I intimidate you because your masculinity is too fragile.
  6. I asked for your number not because I was into you; but because I was making connections.
  7. Stop asking me why I’m wearing makeup and who I’m trying to impress.
  8. Why did you distance yourself from me?
  9. I ignore you because sometimes, my mental health can’t handle you.
  10. Thank you for being such an amazing role model.

Interview with A Gamer

Given my new found love for online gaming, I thought it would be nice to ask one of my best friends (who by the way introduced me to gaming) a few questions about her experiences with video games.

Bee: What are you currently playing? 

Kyle:  Ark Survival Evolved

B: What do you like/not like about it?

K: Like: DRAGONS! (and unicorns when I can find one.) The other creatures are okay too I guess. Dislike: The infernal building mechanic and its refusal to snap bases

B: Are you playing or can you play it with your friends?

K:  Yes and Yes. (You would know, I play with you)

B: Are there any new games that you want to play or are excited about? 

K:  So many, and older ones too. Maybe? Dunno.

B: What is the worst game you have ever played? 

K: Worst: Shadowrun for x-box (Some super dumb capture the flag VS. AI game that was beyond garbage.)

B: Were you surprised it was so bad?

K: I  was surprised that the game content didn’t match the cover art (Which was related to a pretty cool tabletop system I enjoyed)

B: What are your five favorite video games?

K:  Yes I know I cheat by using a series but I can’t pick one in it) Mass Effect trillogy (Andromeda was only okay. Had great potential, but got screwed by EA) Dragon age (All the games) Subnautica Overwatch Minecraft

B: Thank you love, is there anything you’d like to add?

K: At the moment, no.

A Woman’s Place

Dear Trapped in the 50’s,

I don’t remember your name, just that you were a misogynist straight out of one of those old 1950’s adds for “Better Home and Garden”. We were on our first date and got to talking, getting to know each other as new couples do. We covered all sorts of topics ranging from the future, work and school, to small talk. Just as I was starting to like you, you came swinging out of left field. “Women shouldn’t work.

Their place is in the home, cooking and taking care of the children.” I stared blankly at you, speechless and unsure of how to respond to such a thing. I took a moment to process this new information. So much of me wanted to yell at you, to explain to you how the world stopped following that archaic way of thinking decades ago. I wanted to call you sexist, misogynistic, insensitive. Instead I somehow managed to muster the strength not to. Instead, I calmly called you out on your bullshit and walked out on you.

By the way, the 1950’s called. Even they don’t want you back.

That woman from the 21st century