Top 10 Reasons Why Working Retail Can be the Absolute Worst (Guest Post)

I’ve been having some really crappy days at work (though I’m only there part-time) recently and these are almost all of the reasons why:

1. Customer is always right mentality has created VERY self-entitled people who treat retail workers like crap.
2. Being the front line means you get ALL the blame, even for when something corporate or higher are at fault.
3. You get shit pay for putting up with all this crap.
4. Teens/kids without parents. Especially when they are wild, uncontrolled, and nearly as self-entitled as the adults who think the customer is always right.
5. Managers will blame you for things beyond your control just as much as customers will.
6. Shit co-workers that do dick all, but if you (The one doing all the work) slack even a touch, you’re the one who gets shit.
7. Shit co-workers doing dick all so that you wind up doing everything becuase you actually have a work ethic
8. Very few places give you enough hours, and those that do have weird as hell hours that screw over your sleep schedule.
9. Changes to your schedule that happen without notice or finding out if you can actually make that new schedule. (Oh wait. I’m working today? Since when?)
10. The corporations have given minimum wage workers such a bad name that everyone disrespects the ones who do it for life (like my managers), or can’t get “better” work .

Can you think of anything to add to this list?


Author: Bee

I'm just a perplexed bibliophile, who's sometimes sassy and unusually sarcastic.

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