Dear Nostalgia.

I was rummaging through the basement today looking for something in particular when I found my old pair of roller blades. Like the giant kid that I am, I put them on and was ecstatic that they still fit. Needless to say, I was ready to break those babies out.

I drove out to the bike path (because pothole city wasn’t a trip I wanted to go to), threw those bad boys on, and started skating. I was a little wobbly at first but I quickly regained my balance. I found myself enjoying the outdoors and the constant stop and go. After about twenty minutes I started to get tired. What? It’s been a while and they take getting use to… don’t judge me.

As I was heading back to my car, I was caught off balance and fell flat on my butt. I caught myself laughing because frankly, it’s pretty funny. However, my ego was a little bruised… when a freken hot guy pulls up next to me on his bicycle and asks me if I’m okay. He literally watched me fall on my butt.

And why did he have to be hot?

Anyways, I had my fun today and it’s probably something I would do again, and again until I’m too exhausted to move.



Author: Bee

I'm just a perplexed bibliophile, who's sometimes sassy and unusually sarcastic.

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