Safe Travels

Dear Big Brother,

You flew across the globe to visit and now you’re going back. Big bro – you have such a rich soul, a kind heart, and an outstanding sense of humor; I never thought saying goodbye to you would be this hard. You’ve been staying with me for a week and today was the day we had to part ways.

I did everything in my power not to cry, but I couldn’t help it. You left an impression here and I really do hope you come back one day. Why did you have to come, be your stupid awesome self, make us like you even more than we already do, and just up and leave? Why was saying goodbye, until next time, so hard? I know I am going to see you again but yet… here I am, wishing that you were still here, hanging out, cracking jokes, and complaining about my not so terrible driving.

I will never forget the times we spent together: shenanigans while playing board games, walks near the river, falling into food comas and ice cream melting everywhere. I want to say thank you though; thank you for everything you’ve done. Thank you for all the advice, the encouragement and for being my partner in crime.

Little Sis


Author: Bee

I'm just a perplexed bibliophile, who's sometimes sassy and unusually sarcastic.

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