Dear friend,

What is your problem? You haven’t had anything nice to say in the longest time. You’ve been nothing but negative and I don’t think I can handle you anymore. You’re mean, hurtful, and downright rude.

I thought everything was fine between us but lately all you’ve done is seriously put me in a bad mood. You always have something to complain about even if it doesn’t directly affect you. You treat me as if I don’t understand anything; as if I’m a fucking idiot for you to talk down at me.

You’re not always right. No matter how hard you believe it. I, like other people have the right to have my own opinions. So stop acting like you know everything and let me fucking breathe.I tried reasoning with you, I tried talking to you calmly, but all you did was get angry.

Apparently having a conversation is not an option with you. Apparently I’m supposed to shut the fuck up and not say a word to you. Apparently I’m not allowed to be an individual when speaking to you. Apparently I have to be like everyone else who sits quietly and listens to what YOU have to say.

I didn’t know your word was law.


Shutting the fuck up.


Author: Bee

I'm just a perplexed bibliophile, who's sometimes sassy and unusually sarcastic.

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