Annoying Content Ahead

#23: Pet Peeves.

Some people find these more disturbing than others.
Others have way more patience than I do.

  1. Loud Chewing or people chewing with their mouths open (this makes sitting across from you very unappetizing).
  2. People who scuff their feet when they walk, especially if they’re wearing flip flops or clunky shoes (I’ve resisted the urge to call them out).
  3. People who don’t cover their mouths when they sneeze or cough.
  4. Line cutters (There are social rules in place for people like this and don’t you think that I’m not going to call you out on this shit).
  5. When you let a car merge in front of you and they don’t give the appropriate thank you wave.
  6. People who claim that they don’t see race (Like wake the fuck up already, you’re only saying this because you don’t want to be racist but by saying it you’re erasing someones identity).
  7. People who talk over me or about me as if I’m not standing right there.
  8. When people spend more time on their phone at dinner or lunch or while hanging out than they do with you. This really pisses me off, especially when you and I have made plans to spend some time together (seriously, put the mother fucking phone down and talk to me – don’t make me take you phone and put it in my bra like I did the last time. I know you won’t go there.).
  9. Arrogant people (don’t let it go to your head).
  10. Backseat drivers (I get that sometimes you need to give me directions but please don’t tell me how to drive).

What are your pet peeves?



Author: Bee

I'm perplexed, sassy, and unusually sarcastic.

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