I can’t get enough

Day 5: Not so Guilty Pleasures.

I find myself conflicted when someone asks me what my guilty pleasure is. Why should I feel guilty if I take pleasure in watching a show or listening to music or reading non-conventional literature? Why should I feel guilty for anything I like?

Someone once told me that a guilty pleasure was something I felt embarrassed about admitting that I liked rather than something I felt ‘guilty’ about. I wasn’t sure how to respond to them.

I’d  much rather list things I actually take pleasure in (that others may consider guilty, but I see it otherwise):

  1. Drinking coffee in excess.
  2. Listening to boy bands.
  3. Reading and writing fan-fiction.
  4. Chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate.
  5. Watching family movies.
  6. Wearing makeup every day.
  7. Taking naps.
  8. Playing addictive online games.
  9. Shameless flirting.
  10. Dipping french fries in ice cream.

Do you have a guilty pleasure?


Author: Bee

I'm perplexed, sassy, and unusually sarcastic.

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