Oh hi, hello there,

I welcome myself to the world of blogging and the magic that is WordPress. I don’t really know why I didn’t start this sooner… I guess I was too busy getting lost on roads that lead no where but the future. Cheesy right? Whatever. If you happen to stumble across this, I apologize in advance for any confusion that I may cause you. I have a tendency to talk a lot; a lot doesn’t always make sense either. You might get lost trying to find your way back on your own or with my help actually. You know how sometimes you go to a get-together and there’s all these people you don’t know and the little bee inside of you is like: ‘oh heck no!’ and wants to run away and the other bee inside of you is like: ‘peoples!’ and wants to talk to everyone? Yeah? I am simultaneously both of those bees. I will talk to everyone and anyone even when I don’t really want to – but that’s just me.  Well that’s enough rambling for now, it’s time to go exploring.




Author: Bee

I'm perplexed, sassy, and unusually sarcastic.

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